Thursday, October 17, 2013

Whiskey Punch

Make this large batch recipe to liven up a party or add excitement to your next tailgating event.  Beware - J.K.'s Whiskey Punch is not your kid's juice box! 

2 - 750 ml bottles of Smitty's Apple Pie
1 - 64 oz. bottle of Cranberry Juice
Serve cold out of a large dispenser

J.K.'s Hot Toddy

While a hot toddy is traditionally known to cure a cold or the flu, J.K.'s Hot Toddy can also cure a long day at work. 

2 oz. Smitty's Apple Pie
2 oz. apple cider
Serve hot

Corn Pop

J.K.'s Corn Pop is not just any ol' whiskey and coke cocktail.  The chemistry between J.K.'s Original Corn Whiskey and a Diet Coke can not be explained in words - you just have to try it!

1 oz. J.K.'s Original Corn Whiskey
3 oz. Diet Coke
Serve on ice

Cranberry Corn Whiskey

J.K.'s Cranberry Corn Whiskey cocktail is a sweeter take on the traditional Cranberry Vodka mixed drink.  The sweet flavor of the corn shines through and allows for a smooth finish. 

1 oz. J.K.'s Original Corn Whiskey
3 oz. Cranberry Juice
Serve cold